The Nakba is an ongoing crime against humanity – Middle East Monitor

The Nakba is an ongoing crime against humanity – Middle East Monitor Рolitics

Today, May 15, remembering the Nakba of 1948, I want to repeat once again that the events of the late 1940s, which never ended, are the root cause of what happened on October 7 last year. The Nakba (Catastrophe) describes the ethnic cleansing of Palestine carried out by Zionist terrorists before and after the “declaration of independence” of the occupying state of Israel on May 14, 1948. These terrorist gangs formed the core of the so-called Israel Defense. Strength.

After the UN approved the illegal and unjust partition plan in November 1947, the Jewish state was allocated approximately 55 percent of the best land in historic Palestine, although Jews owned less than six percent of the private land in the country. Jews living in Palestine made up about 33 percent of the population, with a large percentage of them being immigrants who arrived in waves from Europe since the early 20th century, especially immediately after World War II.

The Nakba saw Palestinian villages occupied, destroyed and looted, their inhabitants expelled or killed by heavily armed Jewish forces – many of whom, ironically, were trained in Britain – following an agreement between the Zionist representative in New York, Moshe Sherlak, and the Soviet Union . Representative of the Union Andrei Gromyko. This deal allowed Czechoslovakia, under Soviet occupation, to send modern weapons to Zionist militias.

This process resulted in the destruction of more than 500 Palestinian towns and villages and the expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians—more than the entire Jewish population of Palestine at the time. They lost their homes and belongings, and while some were forced to flee their homes, others became refugees in neighboring countries. Palestine was subjected to a process of land annexation, ethnic cleansing, racial discrimination and the Judaization of Jerusalem, as well as the theft of national resources and assets.

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The colonization of lands began immediately and did not stop. The goal is the complete destruction of Palestine and the expulsion of its people. When Zionist forces completed the first phase of the Nakba, the “Jewish state” included 78 percent of historic Palestine (far more than the 55 percent envisioned by the UN Partition Plan), leaving only the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. and the Gaza Strip, which were under the control of Jordan and Egypt respectively.

By brutally attacking the indigenous population through ethnic cleansing, murder, displacement and siege for the past 76 years, Israel seeks to impose a fait accompli in defiance of international law and UN resolutions, blatantly defying world opinion. Occupation by default is an act of aggression. In the course of this seemingly permanent aggression, the Palestinian people not only have the right, but also have no choice but to resist the Israeli occupation by any means, “including armed struggle,” and its attacks on Palestinian land, people, resources and holy sites .

The Nakba is the root cause of the evil that plagues Palestinians to this day.

Israel continues to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, including the crime of apartheid. It should therefore have come as no surprise to anyone with a conscience when the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas and other Palestinian resistance forces launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood last October. They escaped from what was described as a “prisoner of war camp” under Israeli-led siege and blockade since 2006.

It was a watershed moment that unleashed a wave of solidarity around the world expressing disgust at Israel’s criminal genocide, which we have witnessed in real time since October 7th. This solidarity also helped expose Zionist-friendly regimes in the US, Europe and the Middle East as complicit in the genocide, not least the Arab collaborators.

The symmetry between the events of 1948 and what we are now seeing in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is obvious. The terrorists behind the State of Israel, killing Palestinians and destroying civilian infrastructure, seek to “finish the job” started by David Ben-Gurion and his fellow criminals and eradicate the indigenous population, seizing the rest of their land to expand the colonial project and absolute Jewish supremacy in Palestine.

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However, things do not go their way for the settler-colonialists. Despite the high price paid in lives and destruction, the Palestinian resistance was fierce and determined in destroying the myth of invincibility (and “morality”) of the Zionist occupation forces. With justice and international law on their side, the resistance groups have disgraced those behind the genocidal war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, not least those who supported them in the US, UK, Europe and the Arab world.

The international political order has been shaken to its core, not only by the tenacity of the Palestinian resistance, but also by the solidarity of so many people of different backgrounds around the world.

Student protests and mass demonstrations in universities and cities on every continent make it clear that this is a movement against Zionism. They reject attempts to combine legitimate criticism and condemnation of the Zionist state with criminal anti-Semitism. This is truly a historic moment.

Protesters for international law and justice know that Zionism is not Judaism; that not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews; and that the Zionist state is a colonial entity in an era when colonialism is considered an aberration of the past. They also know that Jews and Judaism are being used to cover up the Zionist crimes against humanity.

Racist Nazism, which incredibly inspired some Zionists, was defeated by Western armies and resistance groups in Europe. The dark years of racist apartheid in South Africa ended with the selfless struggle of its people. Likewise, Zionism and its racist supremacy will be defeated in occupied Palestine by resistance at all levels. Palestinians cannot remain eternal victims of the heinous model of colonialism, oppression and extermination of the indigenous population.

The Nakba is an ongoing crime against humanity. Humanity needs to put an end to this.

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