The White House reveals the content of a new phone call between Biden and Netanyahu


The White House revealed details of a new phone call that took place last night (Thursday) between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the Hebrew channel Kan, the call came in light of reports that the White House was studying several options to advance the idea of ​​a Palestinian state that would be announced soon.

According to the White House: “President Biden reiterated his commitment to the Prime Minister to release all the kidnapped people as soon as possible while acknowledging their terrible situation after 132 days in Hamas captivity.

The two discussed the situation in Gaza, and the urgent need to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches Palestinian citizens who need it most.

Biden raised the issue of the situation in Rafah, and reiterated his position that it is impossible to proceed with a military operation without a reliable and implementable plan to ensure the safety of citizens in the city.

After the publication in the American media of the American plan to declare a Palestinian state, Washington is considering granting the Palestinians state status in the United Nations. This means in effect that the United States will not veto this step, if it is put before the Security Council.

After the war cabinet meeting held yesterday evening, Netanyahu said: “We categorically reject international dictates regarding a permanent settlement with the Palestinians.”

Netanyahu added: “My position is summarized in the following two sentences: Israel categorically rejects international dictates regarding the permanent settlement with the Palestinians. This settlement will only be achieved through direct negotiations between the two parties, without preconditions, and Israel will continue to oppose unilateral recognition of the Palestinian state.”

He continued: “Such recognition, in the wake of the events of October 7, is tantamount to giving “terrorism” a huge, unparalleled reward and will prevent any peace settlement in the future.” According to him, the American administration is also studying several options to advance the idea of ​​a Palestinian state, and as we mentioned, this is one of these options that is being studied. Diplomats familiar with the details said that without a ceasefire and an exchange agreement that returns the kidnapped people, and on the other hand, an operation in Rafah, it will be difficult to advance the movements or a regional plan.

Earlier this morning, the Washington Post published a report on a plan to establish a Palestinian state, which the United States is drafting with a small group of Arab countries. The plan includes “completion of a detailed and comprehensive plan for long-term peace between Israel and the Palestinians, including a firm timetable for the establishment of a Palestinian state.” The American newspaper reported that according to the plan, it is expected that the state that will be created will be announced “in the coming weeks.”

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