Pro League confirms: foreign refs in Play-Offs


The Football Association recently unveiled a five-point plan to improve the level of Belgian arbitration. However, serious steps are already being taken in the shorter term.

It was previously announced that Brian Riemer’s proposal to introduce foreign refs in the Play-Offs was seriously considered. Although it sounded at the time that those plans were not yet concrete.

Riemer gets his way

The Anderlecht coach did receive, however The newspapaer much support from his colleagues. And Pro League CEO Lorin Parys also appears to be enthusiastic about the idea. What’s more: according to him, it will also be put into practice.

“It will be a Dutch team that will blow the whistle,” he said. Parys emphasizes that in the past referees were often exchanged with our northern neighbors, although not in the POs.

Whistling without prejudice

“That is not a disqualification of our refs. It is not that foreigners are necessarily better, but our corps must do better. More in youreferees,” said Parys, who hopes to restore peace.

“It gives the added advantage that they don’t know the JPL players as well and will whistle more openly,” he notes. The question is whether Parys, itself not competent in this area, has much to contribute.


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