Michigan lawmaker sanctioned over ‘racist, hateful and bigoted speech’


“Hateful rhetoric goes against everything I believe and distracts from the positive work we’re trying to accomplish for the people of Michigan,” Steele said.

In a weekend Facebook post, GOP Sen. John Damoose of Harbor Springs bemoaned Schriver’s “sickening words,” which he said have “nothing to do with the ideals we claim to uphold as Americans or conservatives.”

“Republicans should know that anything other than a swift and strong rebuke of such filth undermines everything we say, everything we believe, and everything we are trying to accomplish in terms of rebuilding the ‘shining city on a hill’ to which we point so often,” Damoose added.

Schriver has not directly discussed the controversy. But in a series of subsequent social media posts, he has accused the media of attempting to start a “race war” and alleged an “anti-white agenda” against those who have shared the theory.


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