Thanksgiving travel plans could be impacted by weather – NECN


The impending wet weather is expected to impact the holiday commute, so the earlier you can leave your home, the better as Tuesday is supposed to be the worst day for pre-Thanksgiving travel on the roads.

The mix of rain and snow we’re expecting throughout New England, could impact your drive significantly, depending on where you’re headed.

After the holiday, midday on Friday and Saturday could see heavier traffic on the roads, but major delays are expected on Sunday — when everyone heads home to prepare for work or school.

The Massachusetts Port Authority expects more than a million travelers to fly through Boston Logan International Airport before, during and after the extended holiday weekend.

In fact, AAA expects this to be the third busiest Thanksgiving travel period since they’ve been keeping track – basically bringing us back to even well above pre-pandemic levels.

Americans are getting ready to hit the road or take flight ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

To try to ease congestion, The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will be pausing all construction work on major roadways outside of established work zones. That includes keeping the Sumner Tunnel open this weekend and next.

“Tuesday will be the busiest travel day before the holiday on the roads. We wouldn’t be surprised to see major congestion on I-93, I-95 and especially the Massachusetts Turnpike at any point during the day,” Transportation Secretary Monica Tibbits-Nutt.

“Additional patrols that’ll be out there will be focusing on people texting, speed and aggressive driving. And of course, anyone who is operating under impairment of drugs or alcohol,” said Massachusetts State Police Maj. Tim Curtain.

The good news is that the price of gas is going in the right direction for holiday travel.

“Certainly, gas prices are not hurting this year. We’re paying about $0.50 less than we were last Thanksgiving. National average right now, $3.36. And it keeps coming down,” said Aixa Diaz, AAA spokesperson. “It’s been coming down pretty consistently since August. And in some states, people are paying less than $3 a gallon. So, gas is definitely going in the right direction for drivers.”


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