Tom “Turk” Daversa Obituary, Former Vice President Of The Roosevelt Club Has Died


Tom “Turk” Daversa Obituary, Death – With heavy hearts, we share the poignant news of the passing of Tom “Turk” Daversa. As a former Vice President, Trustee, and esteemed member, Turk was not only an integral part of our organization but also a cherished friend to many. The depth of our sorrow is matched only by the immeasurable impact Turk had on our community.

His tenure as Vice President and Trustee attests to his dedication and commitment to the values we hold dear. Turk’s contributions extended beyond official roles; he was a beacon of camaraderie, a source of laughter, and a genuine friend to all fortunate enough to know him. His quirky sense of humor, a trademark that endeared him to us, will be greatly missed, leaving behind a void that cannot be filled. In the face of this loss, we find solace in the memories of the camaraderie and shared laughter that Turk brought to our community.

His presence enriched our lives, and the bonds of friendship he forged will endure as a testament to the positive influence he had on us all. As we navigate through this difficult time, we understand the desire for details regarding arrangements to pay our respects. We will ensure that any information concerning the final arrangements for Turk is promptly communicated, allowing us to come together to honor and remember our dear friend.

Rest in peace, Turk. Your legacy of camaraderie, dedication, and warmth will forever linger in our hearts. May your journey into eternity be as bright as the light you brought into our lives. In mourning your passing, we draw strength from the cherished memories and the enduring impact of your friendship.

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