Blackout schedules – electricity will be turned off throughout the country

Blackout schedules - electricity will be turned off throughout the country War in Ukraine news

According to the DTEK organization, in a number of regions, due to the consequences of Russian shelling, electricity will have to be turned off for household consumers. Correspondents Focus They added that problems with the light had already begun.

In Ukraine, blackout schedules have begun to operate again. This applies to several regions across the country. This was written about on the DTEK Telegram channel on May 15.

Ukrainians were warned that the extremely difficult situation in the energy system, which is associated with shelling by the Russian Armed Forces, has not gone away, therefore, at the direction of Ukrenergo, it was decided to reintroduce emergency shutdowns.

This concerns residents of Kyiv, as well as Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and Donetsk regions. In the listed regions, blackout schedules may be in effect in the near future.

“We are doing everything possible to stabilize the situation as quickly as possible. If you currently have electricity in your home, please consume it wisely. This will greatly help the energy system,” DTEK wrote.

Also, power outages have been implemented in the western part of Ukraine, as announced on the Lvovoblenergo page on the social network Facebook. According to the organization, emergency power outage schedules were introduced in Lviv and the region from 19:27. This is connected with the same thing that DTEK wrote about.

“The reason is a power shortage as a result of massive attacks by the invaders on the Ukrainian energy system,” the message says.

At the same time, correspondents Focus It has already been reported that the power has partially gone out in the Kyiv and Lviv regions.

Ukrenergo, in turn, wrote that controlled emergency shutdowns for industrial and household consumers will apply to residents of all Ukrainian regions from 19:25 to 22:00. Blackout schedules will continue on May 16.


Ukrenergo warned Ukrainians about power outages throughout the country

Photo: Ukrenergo

Let us remind you that Ukrenergo warned about possible outages on Wednesday on May 14. This is due to the consequences of shelling by Russian occupiers, as well as a sharp cold snap. Blackout schedules were supposed to be in effect throughout the day, but there were no plans to limit critical infrastructure.

It was also reported that the Ministry of Energy warned Ukrainians about summer blackouts and a difficult winter ahead. According to German Galushchenko, over the past few months, the Ukrainian energy system has suffered the greatest destruction since the beginning of a full-scale war, so restrictions may exist even in the summer.


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