Deferment from mobilization – the Rada proposed not to deprive some Ukrainians of the right to a deferment – UNIAN

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The potential of Ukrainian graduate students should be valued equally – regardless of the form of financing their education, the people’s deputy emphasized.

The Rada proposed an amendment to the bill on mobilization for the reservation of Ukrainians / UNIAN collage, photo UNIAN

Mobilization in Ukraine continues, and the Verkhovna Rada proposed not to deprive contract graduate students of the right to a deferment.

Deputy Chairman of the Servant of the People faction, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Higher Education, Yulia Grishina, submitted a corresponding amendment to the updated bill on strengthening mobilization, since, according to her, such a restriction contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law “On Higher Education”. The people’s choice reported this on Telegram.

The people’s deputy noted that bill 10449 (on mobilization), adopted in the first reading, contains a rule limiting the right of contract graduate students to a deferment from mobilization. According to her, this contradicts Articles 24 and 64 of the Constitution of Ukraine, Article 4 of the Law “On Higher Education”. “I submitted an amendment to exclude this provision from the bill for the second reading at the Verkhovna Rada. The potential of our graduate students should be valued equally – regardless of the form of financing their education,” Grishina emphasized.

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Focus on mobilization – the law can change

As UNIAN reported, on February 7, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted in the first reading for the government bill on mobilization (“On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine regarding certain issues of military service, mobilization and military registration”).

The updated bill proposes, in particular, to reduce the conscription age to 25 years (currently 27), abolish military service and introduce an electronic account for those liable for military service.

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