in France, sheep will “go” to school with children (photo)

in France, sheep will “go” to school with children (photo) War in Ukraine news

Animals were running around the school yard. The names of the “new students” were John Deere, Valerian Deschamps, Phil Tondus and Marguerite Dupre.

In France, parents have taken a unique stand against class closures at a local school in the Moselle region by registering four sheep as pupils for the upcoming school year starting in September 2024. RTL writes about this.

The institution, which serves the villages of Ermelange, Nitting and Voer, was faced with the loss of one class due to declining student numbers. According to forecasts, in the coming school year the school would have only 94 students, which would not allow maintaining all five classes.

Deciding to save their school, resourceful parents found an original solution. They joined the ranks of students with “wool classmates.” By officially registering four local sheep, the school increased its student population to 98, allowing it to retain all five classes.

“Parents filled out registration files as required for every new student, with dates of birth and parents’ names, and sent them to the mayor’s office and then to the National Department of Education,” local media reported.

The names of the “new students” were John Deere, Valerian Deschamps, Phil Tondus and Marguerite Dupre.


Parents staged a protest

Photo: RTL News

The publication notes that the sheep will be treated like any other students. Their names will be included in the lists, and access to the schoolyard will be open thanks to a special resolution of the municipality. The protests were not limited to registration: parents brought sheep to the schoolyard to demonstrate their disagreement with the closure of classes.

However, the mayor of Voeur, Bertrand Janson, condemned the entire event. According to him, the local school did not close even in 2021, when it had only 90 students.

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