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The authorities disowned the billboard.

Almost non-gasified Bratsk in the Russian Federation boasted leadership in gas production / photo

In Russia, according to the old tradition, they continue to boast of “world leadership” in various industries. In one of the cities there was even a billboard with the inscription “Russia is the world leader in gas production.”

Astra writes about this. And everything would be fine, but Bratsk, Irkutsk region, where the shield is installed, has almost no gas supply. It is noteworthy that the population there exceeds 250 thousand.

“Residents of the city complained on social networks that Bratsk has practically no gas supply, and the thermal power plant itself, where the billboard is located, is heated by coal,” the message says.

In response to the dissatisfaction, the authorities disowned the banner: they say that it was installed by a “private owner.” They also promised that they would implement various gasification projects until 2026.

photo Astra

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After a sensational interview with Tucker Carlson, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was asked to rehabilitate Nazism. In his two-hour story, the head of the Kremlin said that Poland “forced Hitler to start World War II” by attacking it.

Meanwhile, Russia itself is approaching the next presidential “election.” It is already known that dictator Putin will participate in them, and he will obviously win. Previously, the only anti-war candidate, Boris Nadezhdin, was not allowed to participate in the elections.

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