Instead of Solovyov – psychics: Rospropaganda is rapidly losing ratings,

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Russians not only began to watch less propaganda, but in general turn on TV less and less.

Russians began to watch less TV / photo REUTERS

Russians are tired of propaganda content. Thus, a study of ratings conducted by RosSMI showed that Russians not only began to watch less propaganda, but in general turned on TV less and less.

In particular, the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” on “Russia 1” became an anti-record holder – it left the TOP-5 most rated and lost almost a quarter of viewers over the year (the rating dropped from 4.9 to 3.7%).

“Vladimir Solovyov lost a fifth of his audience. “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” dropped by 5-10 points in various ratings. The ratings of his own TV channel “Soloviev Live,” which broadcasts on EuroNews frequencies, are also meager: its programs score 0 at best. 2%,” the message says.

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At the same time, the popularity of programs with “psychics” is growing. Thus, in the last week of January, the program “Psychics. Revenge” on TNT took first place among all programs in the 18+ audience, ahead of Kiselev, Solovyov, and Norkin.

“Russians, in principle, began to watch less TV, and the aggregate rating of the 10 most popular programs over the year decreased from 49.2% to 43%,” RosSMI reported.

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The Kremlin is intensifying the dissemination in the West of narratives about its legitimacy at TOT. As reported by the Center for Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Kremlin is “removing” Western journalists, mainly with far-right views.

In January, the American Institute for the Study of War said that Russia, among other things, uses the UN Security Council to conduct its own information operations.

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