Kadyrov Jr. began to be trolled even in the Kremlin

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The awards received by the son of the head of Chechnya, Adam Kadyrov, will provide him with a respectable old age. He will be able to get teeth inserted at a discount and get a free hearing aid.

15-year-old Adam Kadyrov will live as an honorary pensioner in the USSR. Numerous awards will provide him with lifelong maintenance, free mobile communications and dental and hearing prosthetics. The Russian telegram channel “We Can Explain” writes about this.

“They started trolling Kadyrov Jr. even in the Kremlin. Peskov said that they are not yet planning to nominate Adam Kadyrov for state awards,” the message says.


In the comments under the publication about trolling Kadyrov Jr. in the Kremlin, correspondents joked:

  • Peskov will apologize soon…
  • On the Internet these awards are now called “Adams”.
  • Let’s see where these medals will be shoved into him after the overthrow of the folder. The interesting thing is that the more, the more painful it will be.

Meanwhile, the administrators of the telegram channel “We Can Explain” believe that even without Putin’s medals, Kadyrov Jr. can greatly benefit from the 9 awards he has already received.

What do the awards received give Kadyrov Jr.

The title “Hero of Chechnya” with a 750 gold medal gives unhindered access to government buildings, the status of an honored guest at events, as well as a monthly lifetime payment of 5,000 rubles, which will be paid to his family even after his death.


Chechen prince-winner in fixed fights: Wikipedia came down hard on Kadyrov’s son

Kadyrov Jr.’s “pension” will increase to 8,000 rubles due to the Order of Merit for the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. 3000 thousand rubles for life. In just 10 years, he will receive about 1 million rubles from the budgets of the two republics.

“For achievements before the Karachay-Cherkess Republic” Adam Kadyrov will receive another 50 thousand rubles.

For the Order of Duslik of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kadyrov’s son will receive 200 rubles a month and free telephone communications, free dental and hearing aids, as well as a 50% discount on housing and communal services.

In addition to this, Adam Kadyrov was appointed at the age of 15 to the responsible position of head of the security department of the head of the Republic of Chechnya. This is a bureaucratic position. He will receive 40 thousand rubles monthly, as well as payments, bonuses, allowances and the like.

Scandal with Ramzan Kadyrov’s son Adam Scandal with Ramzan Kadyrov’s son Adam

On September 28, footage was published online showing 15-year-old Adam Kadyrov beating prisoner Nikolai Zhuravl, suspected of burning the Koran.

After the beating, Ramzan Kadyrov noted that his son did the right thing. Within a month of the beating, Adam received six awards and a position in his father’s security service.

Later, 15-year-old Adam Kadyrov received an “important position” in the security service of the head of Chechnya.

Earlier it was reported that Adam Kadyrov considers himself absolutely unpunished and, against the backdrop of the beating scandal, made a daring publication on his Instagram.


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