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War in Ukraine news

Lloyd Austin clearly explained to deputies of the US Congress what scenario they were pushing the world and America towards.

Lloyd Austin explained the consequences of the defeat of Ukraine / UNIAN collage, photo REUTERS, wikimedia.org

If Ukraine is defeated in the war against Russia, the United States will have to send its army to war, because the Kremlin’s aggression will go further. This was stated by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at a hearing in the Defense Committee of the US House of Representatives.

He noted that in the event of a military defeat in Ukraine, Putin will not stop there. According to Austin, Russia will continue its military expansion and will attack the sovereign territories of its other neighbors.

“The Baltic countries are really worried that they will be next. They know Putin, they know what he is capable of. If Ukraine falls, I really believe that NATO will end up at war with Russia,” the Pentagon chief said.

Potential war between Russia and NATO

As UNIAN wrote, British Chief of Defense Staff Anthony Radakin expressed the opinion that Russian dictator Putin does not want a war with NATO, since Russia will quickly lose it. According to Radakin, in order to think about new aggression, Russia will have to end the war in Ukraine and spend a long time restoring its strength.

A similar opinion about the Russian Federation’s readiness for a new war was voiced by retired US General Ben Hodges. But he draws a different conclusion: Russia is quite capable of attacking the Baltic countries as soon as it regains its strength.

Ukrainian military analyst Sergei Sumlenny notes that NATO misunderstands the future war with Russia. In fact, the Kremlin’s plan is not to go to war with the entire alliance at once, but to take over the Baltic states without a fight, while containing the rest of NATO with threats of nuclear war.

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