Medvedchuk’s arrested yacht came under the flag of Ukraine (photo)

Medvedchuk’s arrested yacht came under the flag of Ukraine (photo) War in Ukraine news

The 92-meter yacht “Royal Romance” acquired the status of a Ukrainian vessel. This means the nationality of the vessel, which is subject to the jurisdiction of Ukraine.

The arrested yacht “Royal Romance”, which belonged to the pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, received a certificate of the right to sail under the state flag of Ukraine, the corresponding changes have already been made to the International Maritime Organization. This was reported by the press service of the National Agency for Tracing and Asset Management (ARMA).

“This is a historical moment for our country. The first seized asset located abroad in the history of Ukraine received state registration in Ukraine,” said Evgeniy Ignatenko, head of the Maritime and Inland Waterway Transport and Shipping Service of Ukraine.

According to him, this will facilitate the further sale of the seized yacht and the receipt of funds for its sale into the state budget of Ukraine.

Ignatenko also noted that the corresponding changes to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regarding the yacht “Royal Romance” have already been made.


Medvedchuk’s yacht

Photo: Yacht Charter Fleet

The Croatian District Court of Split decided to transfer the Royal Romance yacht of Viktor Medvedchuk to Ukraine based on a request for international legal assistance.

The luxurious five-deck yacht Royal Romance, 92.5 meters long, was built by the famous Dutch shipbuilding company Feadship. She has a swimming pool and cabins for 14 guests and 22 crew. Its estimated cost is about $200 million.

Medvedchuk's yacht, yacht, Royal Romance


Medvedchuk’s yacht

Photo: Yacht Charter Fleet

In 2020, it became known that Medvedchuk declared the offshore company Fregata Marine Ltd, which owns the yacht “Royal Romance”, in the name of his wife Oksana Marchenko.

Let us remember that Oksana Marchenko herself, as she wrote Focus, lives in Russia and is preparing to become the face of a propaganda campaign against Ukraine. According to rumors, Marchenko often vacations in Cyprus and started an affair with a security guard from Vladimir Putin’s entourage.

Viktor Medvedchuk himself became the owner of the new yacht. Not as luxurious as “Royal Romance”. His new toy costs about $10 million.


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