Mobilization in Ukraine – The country is in great danger of disappearing

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A Ukrainian army officer compared the victory over the Russian Federation to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ivan Yakubets spoke about the round-the-clock work of TCC and joint ventures in Ukraine / collage from a screenshot and photo from UNIAN

A full-scale war in Ukraine continues, and if territorial recruitment and social support centers work only until 18:00, then the country will not be saved from the Russians.

This opinion was shared by the ex-commander of the airborne (Air Assault) troops, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – military expert Ivan Yakubets, in an interview with the Focus publication. The interlocutor emphasized that now “the threat of Ukraine’s disappearance is really great.”

According to him, there are people who think that the Ukrainian state has already won, but this is not so. “Of course, you can work from 9 to 18 hours with a break for lunch, but we won’t save the country this way… Victory is like the light at the end of the tunnel, but it can collapse and the light can go out,” the reserve officer warned.

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Mobilization is in the spotlight – Ukraine today should know this

On February 7, Parliament in the first reading supported the draft law on mobilization (10449) submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers, which, in particular, stipulated the strengthening of mobilization measures. The document also talks about reducing the mobilization age in our country from 27 to 25 years and introducing an electronic account for those liable for military service.

Later, on the 9th, it became known that the government allowed TCC and SP to work around the clock during mobilization and martial law. Advisor to the head of the Office of President Vladimir Zelensky, Mikhail Podolyak, said that such an innovation is necessary in order to get rid of the gap with events at the front.

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