Shahid attack – Chmut assessed Russia’s ability to carry out UAV strikes

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The head of the Come Back Alive Foundation, Taras Chmut, believes that Russia still has sufficient potential both for the production of drones and for the production of cruise missiles.

The Russian Federation can produce or receive 700-1000 Shahed UAVs per month. On social networks X the head of the Come Back Alive Foundation, Taras Chmut, provided details.

He noted that one should not entertain illusions about Russia’s ability to produce attack UAVs. According to him, there are certain prerequisites for this.


“Conscious terror”: Zelensky condemned the record attack by “Shaheds” on the day of remembrance of the victims of the Holodomor

“The winter will be difficult,” the specialist noted.

Taras Chmut also drew attention to the enemy’s missile potential. Over the past six months, according to his estimates, several thousand more cruise missiles have been accumulated. These are new ones, which are released in dozens per month, and old ones – of which there are still thousands.

“We should not be under illusions. But we have already been through this – we have stood and will stand,” he added.

Shahed attack on the night of November 25

Russian troops attacked Ukraine on the night of November 25, using 75 Shahed UAVs, and managed to shoot down more than 90%. The main direction of attack is Kyiv. The Ukrainian capital was subjected to the largest drone attack. Nikolai Oleshchuk, commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, noted the work of the mobile groups. Almost 40% of Russian targets were successfully eliminated.

Five people were injured as a result of the Russian attack on the capital. UAV debris was recorded in different areas of the capital of Ukraine. 66 drones were shot down over the city and region, which is a record figure since the beginning of a large-scale war.

Let us recall that in July Taras Chmut called on Ukrainians to prepare for mobilization. The head of the Come Back Alive foundation believes that there is a place for everyone in the army. Those not yet serving have the opportunity to prepare by studying materials and improving physical fitness, he said.


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