Shelling of the Ukrainian energy system – objects were provided with three-level protection

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According to the head of the Agency for Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Development, Mustafa Nayem, three-level protection will counter three possible threats to energy infrastructure:

Protecting energy facilities is one of the priorities of the Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Development Agency. This direction was discussed at a meeting with representatives of the US and British embassies. On the Ukrainian side, there were the head of the Agency Mustafa Nayem, the Minister of Reconstruction Alexander Kubrakov, the head of Ukrenergo Vladimir Kudrytsky and representatives of the General Staff. This was reported by the State Agency for Reconstruction and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine

At the meeting, the levels of protection of energy infrastructure and technical solutions for them were discussed, as well as construction timelines and possible financial support from the West.

The Restoration Agency officially asked partners for assistance in a technical audit of design documentation for protective structures.

“We are working 24/7 to help keep the lights on, heat and power in the face of Russia’s barbaric attacks. An important and productive meeting to discuss our joint efforts to protect the grid this winter,” said U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink.

Mustafa Nayem said that Ukraine is preparing three levels of protection for its energy facilities in case of a repeat of Russian attacks. The list of protected facilities is classified, but the head of the Restoration Agency reported the number of energy structure facilities that have already been protected:

  • first level of protection – 90 objects in 21 regions;
  • second level of protection – 22 substations and 63 autotransformers in 14 regions;
  • third level of protection – 22 substations in 14 regions.

What are the differences between energy structure protection levels?

Three-level protection will counter three possible threats to energy infrastructure:

  • The first level is the construction of gabions and big bags to protect equipment from debris from drones and missiles.
  • The second level is the construction of concrete structures to protect objects from attack drones.
  • The third level is protection from direct missile hits and shock absorption from impact.

Let us remind you that Ukrenergo explained why there is no need to worry about new attacks by the Russian Federation. The head of the company’s board, Vladimir Kudritsky, is confident that Ukraine will begin the spring of 2024 with a functioning energy system.

Previously Focus wrote that network repairs may not save Ukraine’s energy system. According to the director of the Center for Energy Research, Alexander Kharchenko, during past massive attacks, 45% of infrastructure elements were destroyed or damaged. Energy specialists continue to work to ensure that discomfort does not arise.


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