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Tomato seedlings are not considered capricious, but there are still some nuances in growing them.

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A rich tomato harvest begins with growing seedlings. Of course, watering, fertilizing, pinching and other “delights” are also important, but still the first step is sowing the seeds. Let’s figure out when to plant tomatoes and how to do it.

When to sow tomatoes for seedlings

Tomatoes are sown as seedlings depending on the climate: in the southern regions this can be done earlier, in the northern regions, and vice versa – later. Average terms – from mid-February to mid-March.

Sometimes they focus on the tomato variety and ripening time:

  • for early and ultra-early tomatoes it is 80-105 days;
  • for mid-season – 110-120 days;
  • for late varieties – 125-140 days.

The longer the ripening period, the earlier the tomatoes need to be sown so that they have time to ripen. Plus, in terms of timing, you need to take into account that after sowing the seedlings will germinate for about a week, and after transplanting it will take about 5 days to adapt.

It is more convenient to determine the time when you need to sow tomatoes for seedlings, from the opposite – from the moment when you plant them in the garden. This is usually done when the return frosts go away. Based on the transplant date, you need to count back about 60 days (this is the time when the seedlings will grow) and add 1 week (when the seeds will germinate).

How to properly plant tomatoes for seedlings

Planting tomato seedlings is not a difficult task, but there are a few things you need to know about.

There is no need to germinate the seeds before planting tomatoes as seedlings – they are unpretentious.

Plant immediately:

  • prepare containers – for example, plastic cups or pots (volume 200 ml), make drainage holes in the bottom;
  • fill the containers with soil – a little more than half;
  • Place the seed in the center and press lightly;
  • Sprinkle with a layer of soil – about 0.5 cm.

Afterwards, water the crops with water from a syringe (spray bottle) and cover the containers on top with cling film – this way you will create greenhouse conditions for the seeds and they will germinate faster. They should stand in a warm place (about 25 degrees).

Tip: if you sow different varieties, you can put inscriptions on the cups.

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The seeds will sprout, as already said, in 5–7 days. Once they hatch, immediately remove the film and place the containers in a well-lit place. The temperature may already be lower – 18-22 degrees.

Tomato seedlings – care

As already said, tomatoes – including tomato seedlings – are not particularly demanding, so caring for them is quite simple.

What you will need to do:

  • Water the tomatoes

It is better to moisten the soil with a syringe (spray bottle) so as not to damage the delicate sprouts. You need to water moderately when the soil dries out, about once every 3-4 days.

  • Add soil

When the seedlings have two pairs of true leaves, you need to add soil to the cups or pots – not reaching 1 cm to the edges. And, as soon as the soil settles, add it again. This will strengthen the roots of the seedlings.

They need to be planted after approximately 50-60 days (in the greenhouse) and 60-70 days (in the garden). Let us remind you that before replanting, you should wait for the return frosts to go away, and the soil itself should warm up to 10 degrees.

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