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They are already flying and exploding, and the Defense Forces are actively ordering them.

There are many public and private manufacturers of kamikaze drones in Ukraine, said Smetanin / photo screenshot video

Ukraine has launched mass production of an analogue of the Iranian kamikazda Shahed drone, which is capable of flying 1000 kilometers. German Smetanin, General Director of the Ukrainian Defense Industry JSC, said this in an interview with Economic Pravda.

“Produced (serially – UNIAN). In particular, in cooperation with foreign partners. I won’t tell where exactly for security reasons. The main thing is that they fly and explode, and the Defense Forces order them. This is wonderful!” he noted. .

According to him, there are many public and private manufacturers of kamikaze drones in Ukraine.

“We have an analogue of the Shahed, and there are also more powerful models, because Shaheds do not fly that far. We are now focused on the production of more complex and expensive projects with high performance,” he emphasized.

Ukrainian “martyrs”

In October 2022, the state concern Ukroboronprom reported that it was completing the development of attack drones with a range of 1000 kilometers and a warhead weight of 75 kg. In December, it became known that the Ukroboronprom concern was moving to the final stage of testing a new drone.

In June of this year, Ukroboronprom announced the successful use of a Ukrainian-made unmanned aerial vehicle with a range of 1,000 kilometers.

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The then press secretary of the concern, Natalya Sad, published a photograph with the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, the commander of the air forces Nikolai Oleshchuk and the now ex-director of the concern Yuri Gusev after the successful use of the drone.

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