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The drone was shot down by an APKWS laser-guided missile, the analyst says.

The air defense system is designed to combat UAVs / Collage UNIAN / Screenshot, photo by Harris Technologies

The naval forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces showed for the first time the combat operation of the American Vampire anti-aircraft missile system.

On February 11, they published in their official Telegram channel a video of the defeat of Russian kamikaze drones during an attack on the Odessa region. The message noted that the Navy’s air defense units effectively use the latest models of anti-aircraft missile systems.

OSINT analyst OSINTtechnical, having analyzed it, came to the conclusion that it depicts the work of the American Vampire air defense system.

“It seems that this is the first published on-board video showing how the American Vampire air defense system, in service with Ukraine, shoots down a Russian suicide bomber with an APKWS laser-guided missile,” he wrote on the microblog X (formerly Twitter).

Vampire air defense system in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces: what is known

Vampire is a lightweight mobile anti-aircraft system that uses modified 70 mm APKWS missiles with a laser guidance system.

Back in the summer, Western media reported that Ukraine had already received four such systems to combat Russian unmanned aerial vehicles, and another 10 were to arrive by the end of 2023.

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