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Wild predators have already killed many dogs in villages around Uzhgorod.

Villagers in Transcarpathia complain about the wolf threat / collage UNIAN, photo UNIAN, frame from video

In Transcarpathia, residents of villages near Uzhgorod are complaining about a real invasion of wolves. This is stated in the TSN story.

Transcarpathians say that predators come to villages in whole flocks in the middle of the night. Recently, many domestic dogs have become their victims: on one village street alone, wolves killed a dozen.

“There is only one bone left of my 50-kilogram dog,” complains a man named Vyacheslav, showing journalists the place where his dog died.

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However, the villagers are more worried not even about this, but about the fact that wolves can pose a threat to children who walk along the rural road to school. On certain sections of this road there will simply be no one to protect the kids if predators suddenly attack.

The increase in the wolf population is likely due to the ban on hunting them, which was introduced after the full-scale Russian invasion, locals say. For the same reason, wolves became less afraid of people.

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Other news about wildlife in Ukraine

As UNIAN wrote, a quarantine was declared in the Nizhnednestrovsky National Natural Park in the Odessa region due to the discovery of a deadly avian virus. Over the past few days, cases of death of swans in the reservoirs of the Lower Dniester have been recorded.

We also told you that Chernobyl mutant wolves have developed resistance to cancer. Predators at Chernobyl are exposed to cancer-causing radiation. However, researchers have discovered that some of their genetic information is resistant to cancer.

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