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The enemy has not put launch vehicles on duty for a week and a half.

Gumenyuk spoke about the situation with launch vehicles in the Black Sea / UNIAN collage, photo of the Russian Ministry of Defense (Facebook), screenshot

Russian occupiers still keep ships in the Black Sea. However, the enemy has not put launch vehicles on combat duty for a long time.

Natalia Gumenyuk, head of the joint coordination press center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, spoke about this on Channel 24. According to her, there are now two units of enemy equipment at sea. We are talking about vessels of the so-called patrol service, which is responsible for ensuring control over the approach to the water area of ​​the basing point and security.

Gumenyuk emphasized that this is common practice, and these ships do not pose an immediate threat.

“These are not missile carrier ships. We have not seen them on combat duty since February 18. That is, they have not been on combat duty for more than ten days,” she added.

Situation in the Black Sea

The representative of the Ukrainian Navy, Dmitry Pletenchuk, says that the situation at sea is now stable, and the Russian fleet is now “limited” in its actions. According to him, the situation allows us to say that “a positive trend for us is visible in the Black Sea.”

Earlier, Pletenchuk noted that despite the destruction by the Defense Forces of a considerable number of ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the enemy group still poses a danger and is quite large. It was noted that an average of 10 cruise missile carriers are constantly on alert. Basically, they are located in the eastern part and one is in Sevastopol.

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