what is known about the route (map)

what is known about the route (map) War in Ukraine news

It is known that the Russian Federation allegedly also plans to transfer ammunition and personnel to Belarus. And to ensure secrecy, the circle of persons who have access to documents and information about such transportation is limited.

Russia will again transfer trains with military equipment, ammunition and personnel of the Russian Armed Forces to Belarus. Trains from the occupied territories of Ukraine can also be transferred to Belarus. This was reported by the Community of Railway Workers of Belarus

Railway workers note that measures are already being taken to ensure the secrecy of military transportation data.

Presumably, the organization of military transportation will be carried out within the framework of the so-called “Regional Grouping of Troops of the Russian Federation and Belarus.”

The possibility of rotational movement of military echelons (MET) from the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine to Belarus and back is also being explored.


Unloading military equipment from the Russian Federation to Belarus

Photo: “Community of Railway Workers of Belarus”

This has happened before. And each time this was preceded by a long preparation. Railway workers note that now at the stations where trains from Russia will arrive, unloading and loading areas are being repaired, communications equipment is being tested, and responsible employees of the Belarusian Railways are being identified and appointed, who will pass trains with military equipment through railway crossings.

It is assumed that Belarus will provide freight cars for transportation. Therefore, appropriate draft contracts for the rental and maintenance of wagons are being prepared for the purpose of their further conclusion with leasing organizations and carriers.

And most importantly, to ensure secrecy, Belarusian security officials are involved, who will be in contact with the railway workers responsible for transportation. And additional security is allocated to protect “sensitive” infrastructure facilities, such as bridges, overpasses, and railway crossings.

What route will trains take from the Russian Federation to Belarus?

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Routes for trains from the Russian Federation to Belarus

Photo: “Community of Railway Workers of Belarus”

  • It is expected that the reception of VES with Russian equipment and personnel will be carried out through the interstate junction point (IGSP) Krasnoye (Moscow Railway (MSK), Russian Railways) – Osinovka (BZD, NOD-1).
  • There is also an alternative route: through the Zaverezhye MSSP (Oktyabrskaya Railway, Russian Railways) – Ezerishche (BZD, NOD-6).
  • The route MGSP Zlynka (MSK, Russian Railways) – Zakopyt’e (BZD, NOD-4) is not considered this time. The Belarusian Railways fears saboteurs.

Let us recall that earlier political commentator Leonid Shvets in an interview Focus noted that Alexander Lukashenko will not fight with Ukraine.


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