1 lira 55 kurus discount on diesel

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With changes in Brent oil prices and foreign exchange, citizens continue to follow gasoline and diesel prices. Days after two discounts were made due to the latest Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) announcement and international prices, another discount came to diesel. This time, as of midnight, prices dropped by another 1 lira and 35 kuruş.

With the discount of 1 lira and 35 kuruş, a liter of diesel fuel in Istanbul became 40 lira and 7 kuruş, and in Ankara it became 41 lira and 46 kuruş.

1 lira 55 kurus discount on diesel


While calculating gasoline and diesel prices in Turkey; By adding SCT and EMRA share to the duty-free refinery price, the refinery sales price excluding VAT is obtained. While calculating the duty-free refinery price, the daily CIF Mediterranean product prices published in the Mediterranean-Italian market and the daily dollar exchange rate are followed and the duty-free refinery ceiling sales price is found at a certain price change difference. As a result of the calculation, the prices applied by distribution companies may vary slightly depending on the companies and cities due to competition and freedom.

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