A 40-year-old crane operator is killed in San Marcos de León; his family watches him die

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León, Guanajuato.- A crane operator who was repairing and cleaning his unit was the target of a shooting in the San Marcos neighborhood. From his injuries, he died almost instantly.

The shooting occurred at 1:15 p.m., when 40-year-old David was cleaning his crane and fixing some mechanical failures. The man worked in his business on the Illustrious Men Street corner with the Federico Baena street.

David was leaning against the driver’s door when a man who got off a motorcycle approached him. Without saying a word, he he shot his victim at least three times.

What happened in the San Marcos de León neighborhood?

The León police arrived at the San Marcos neighborhood, but only found the lifeless crane operator

Relatives of the injured man saw him lying on the crane. They immediately called an ambulance to ask for help and within minutes, Leon police and paramedics Civil protection They attended to the report.

Unfortunately, upon the arrival of the security and rescue teams in León, David had already passed away. The cause of death was that at least one shot hit the head.

The scene was kept under guard to avoid contamination of the scene. Hours later, staff FGE Guanajuato They came to remove the body and transfer it to the facilities of the SEMEFO.


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