Alberto Núñez Feijóo defends the coherence of his party’s decisions regarding Vox

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The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has defended this Friday that his party is negotiating with Vox being “consistent with the results of the polls”, “proportionate” in their decisions and maintaining their principles “with the constitution” and the autonomous statutes in the hand.

After attending the inauguration of Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the Community of Madrid, the leader of the PP has once again endorsed the negotiation strategies of both María Guardiola, who has closed the door for Vox to enter the Government in Extremadura , like Carlos Mazón, who will have advisers from this party in the Valencian Community.

Both barons of the PP have also been present at the Royal Post Office, the seat of the Madrid Government, where journalists have asked Feijóo what his pact model is. Feijóo has explained that his model is known, it is the one of “the majority of Madrid, Galicia, La Rioja”, of the “great victories”. Of the governments, therefore, that do not need Vox.

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“In Madrid there are no questions to answer and I ask all Spaniards who want to change sanchismo, populism and independence to give me a mandate and I assure you that I will not disappoint you. That is my model, known throughout the territory national”, he stressed in reference to the absolute majority that Ayuso enjoys.

In any case, the leader of the PP has not ruled out the possibility of resolving the clash with Vox in Extremadura, stating that in that territory “there has been a significant divergence that separates us from the possibility, at least for now, of getting a agreement”.

He has also defended that the PP already governs in five of the nine autonomies in which it had possibilities. He has also indicated that in the other four “probably” he will govern with Vox in the Valencian Community, he negotiates in the Balearic Islands and Aragon, where Vox presides over the regional parliaments, and there are discrepancies in Extremadura.

Feijóo congratulates Ayuso

He has not, however, alluded to the Region of Murcia where Fernando López Miras also needs an agreement with Vox because he has fallen two seats short of the absolute.

On the other hand, Feijóo has congratulated Díaz Ayuso for his “excellent political career” and his “extraordinary” results at the polls.

And he has highlighted that when “the partners of the Government”, EH Bildu and Sumar in Catalonia, are speaking “without concealment” of the “desire for referendums in the Basque Country and in Catalonia”, it is more necessary than ever “a strong political change that come out directly from the polls” as Madrid has achieved.


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