An outrageous case raised dust: ‘I have to leave the apartment because I’m too loud while making love’

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Cindy K. (37) is deaf and mute and will lose an apartment because he makes love too loudly?! This case from the German city of Halle an der Saale attracted public attention. Namely, her two neighbors kept meticulous records of all the men who visited her and complained to the landlord. The woman was first given a warning, and then an extraordinary dismissal for permanently disturbing the peace and order.

The whole case ended up in court. “I wrote down the license plates, they came from Celle, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Harz, Senftenberg…” said the neighbor in court. The judge granted the eviction request. Werner Budtke, a spokesman for the district court, confirmed: “The verdict was announced on January 9 and delivered three days later. From this date the four-week appeal period begins!”.

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Sindy K. has been living in a two-room apartment on the ground floor since 2015. She talked to a BILD journalist about the whole case via SMS. “It started with people complaining about my rabbit hutch on the balcony, so I got rid of it,” says Sindy. She says about her neighbors that they even follow her when she goes shopping.

“I don’t make love to every man who visits me,” Sindy writes. “I sell a lot of things on e-Bay and classifieds. But when I make love, I can’t hear how loud it is because of my disability. But that doesn’t concern my neighbors,” she said in her answers to the journalist.

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The neighbor, who has lived there for a little over a year, stands by her statements. “Everything I said in court is the truth,” she told BILD.

The verdict is not final yet. Sindy K. has no plans to leave her small apartment and will appeal the court’s decision.

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