Čakovec patients spend time in the hospital watching new televisions and of course RTL

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On the World Day of the Sick, Čakovec patients requested televisions in their rooms. The management picked up the phones and made several calls… And fulfilled their wish. RTL’s reporter leads us to the good side of the day Kristina Čirjak.

Series, news and matches are watched in 37 rooms. The boss behind the remote control in room number 6 is Mr. Josip.

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“I’m in the hospital from Monday to Thursday, on Thursdays I go home. This is a salvation for us, regardless of the ailments we have and all the difficulties we have, when you have no one to talk to in your room, then you turn on the TV and it calms you down a bit,” he says Josip Savor.

More than a hundred patients now have a television in their room.

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“I’ve been here for 5 days now, before I was on the other side so I didn’t have TVs, now I came here and I was pleasantly surprised. I watch a movie, a series so that our time passes faster, at least it’s hard for us without our family,” he said Slavko Lovrenčić.

The entire department of internal medicine is equipped.

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Going to the hospital is stressful

“For the first time in the history of our department, every room got a television, which means a lot for our patients because every visit to the hospital is stressful,” he said. Mislav Čonkasoncologist at the Čakovec County Hospital.

In addition to the rooms, television is also watched in the living room. The idea came up on the World Day of the Sick.

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“I asked the patients how they were, how they felt. They said that they were satisfied with the therapy, but that they needed televisions so that their day would pass as soon as possible. I gathered my team and we started calling entrepreneurs and municipalities and in half an hour we collected seven televisions “, He said Igor Šegovićdirector of the Čakovec County Hospital.

Soon, seven rose to 37. Donors did not have to be persuaded for long.

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“I would like to thank whoever contributed in any way to having these televisions with us. No one has had an argument yet, they negotiate well who will be in charge of the remote control, the boys primarily watch sports, but everyone gets along well,” said Lucija Al – Mufleh acting head nurse of the Department of Oncology and Hematology.

The action continues because they want to equip the entire hospital.

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“I am grateful to everyone, from those who bought the most expensive TVs to those who took 200 euros and bought a TV and brought it to the director’s office. I would not single out anyone in particular,” said Šegović.

They stood out with their works. We wish the Čakovec patients a speedy recovery and welcome to the RTL program.

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