Canada: With this document you do not require a Canadian visa to travel to the country

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Mexico received bad news from Canada: starting this Thursday, February 29, Mexicans who wish to travel to the northern country must have a visa that allows them to enter.

The news, of course, was received with surprise and disappointment for many Mexicans who had planned a trip to Canada.

The measure, as reported by Canada’s immigration minister, Mac Miller, is due to a state policy to stop the influx of Mexican asylum seekers.which was a request from Prime Minister François Legault.

According to data from the BBC, asylum applications from Mexican citizens to Canada increased from 260 to 23,995 from 2016 to 2023. That is, since the Canadian government eliminated visa requirements for Mexican citizens, in 2016 there was a 9,000% increase in asylum applications.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) indicated that Mexico was informed that as of 10:30 p.m. on February 29, Canada will increase travel requirements for Mexican people.

“Applications for electronic authorization (ETA) must be accompanied by the existence of a current US visa or a Canadian visa within the last ten years.”

“Mexican people who do not comply with the above must apply for a Canadian visa,” the SRE noted.

Therefore, if the Mexican traveler has a United States visa, he or she does not need to apply for a Canadian visa. Although the ETA is still required.

The Foreign Ministry, headed by Alicia Bárcena, pointed out that our country sent two high-level missions to Canada in recent weeks. “to reiterate the importance of protecting people who are victims of fraud, trafficking, trafficking and disinformation schemes.”

He pointed out that in the conversations held it was achieved that instead of imposing a general visa requirement, the ETA was maintained with additional restrictionswhich would cover 60% of Mexican people who travel to Canada, according to estimates by the Canadian government.

Mexico regretted this decision and considered that there were other options before implementing this measure.

“Mexico reserves, of course, the power to act in reciprocity,” said the SRE.

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