Cell of hitmen arrested after confrontation with National Guard in Tlaquepaque goes to preventive detention

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The cell of hitmen arrested on February 21 in Tlaquepaque by elements of the National Guard, after having had an armed confrontation with the uniformed men, in the El Tapatío neighborhood, was linked to the trial.

These are 16 adults and one minor, the older ones were linked to the crimes of violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives, in its modality of Carrying Firearms for Exclusive Use of the Armed Forces and Criminal Association . On the day of the arrest, elements of the National Guard who were patrolling the areareceived a complaint that indicated the entry and exit of several armed people from a property located on Brigada del Norte Street, in the aforementioned neighborhood and municipality, which gave off a strong putrid odor.

The officers went to the site, but were met with gunshots, which came from inside the building, so they repelled the attack and detained four. As a result of this confrontation, a woman and 13 other people died. (including a minor), were detained in another property located in the Revolución neighborhood of Tlaquepaque. From the first four detainees, the uniformed officers seized four long weapons, four magazines, 111 cartridges and four vests with the word DELTAS, the name of an elite group of hitmen related to high-level crimes of violence, belonging to the CJNG.

After the arrest of the first four people involved, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) requested a search warrant for the aforementioned property, where elements of the Federal Ministerial Police They seized 36 hand-made firearms, six short weapons, eight long weapons, 30 magazines and various useful cartridges, 21 cocaine wrappers, 48 ​​marijuana wrappers, 70 glass wrappers, eleven cell phones, 23 license plates, four scales, seven ballistic vests, six vehicles and three motorcycles.

In addition, they located six bags with human remains, which were made available to the Jalisciense Institute of Forensic Sciences, to make the corresponding opinions. While in the arrest of the other 13 involved, the federal elements seized six long weapons, one short weapon, seven magazines, three witch weapons, 143 cartridges of various calibers and a vehicle.

Subsequently, the FGR carried out a search of the second property, where the authorities confiscated 39 bags with marijuana, 25 chargers, 41 cell phones, four firearms, a bag containing a crystalline substance, 12 vests, various vehicle license plates, six motorcycles and two vehicles. While the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Jalisco of the FGR obtained the connection to the process of the 16 adults, by a District Judge Specialized in the Accusatory Criminal System.

Therefore, Jorge “E”, Julio “V”; Paulina “J” and Noe “A”, arrested in the El Tapatío neighborhood, and Jaziel “G”; Alfonso “R”; Thomas “L”; Cristian “M”; Francisco “C”; Brandon “B”; Diego “T”; Leobardo “P”; Jonathan “L”; Rosaura “P”; José “F” and Anthony “O”, detained in the Revolution subdivision, will remain in preventive detention for the duration of their trial, in the Puente Grande prison complex. For his part, the minor was placed at the disposal of a State Specialized Juvenile Judge and was also linked to proceedings.

The general strategic security coordinator of Jalisco, Ricardo Sánchez Beruben, stated that the State Prosecutor’s Office would investigate the relationship of this cell with the four multiple homicides that occurred in Tlaquepaque during the month of February, which left a balance of 16 dead, including five minors.



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