Hondurans could go to prison for illegal hunting of animals

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He Honduran Forest Conservation Institute (IFC), launched this Monday on its official X account (formerly Twitter) the search for three Hondurans to give them capture for assuming them responsible for the crime of damage to Endangered Species (danger of extinction) in the country.

“We are outraged by these news that threaten wildlife and the balance of our ecosystem,” the IFC wrote on its social networks.

The institution regretted the situation and asked that crime against wildlife in Honduras be stopped.

With unknown whereabouts

In the image you can see three Hondurans posing very happy and excited after hunting a Tapir or Danto as they are known in a mountain or forest reserve area in the country.

Until now, it is unknown in which region or place in Honduras the hunting of this endangered animal species was carried out.

If captured, these Hondurans could face up to 10 years in prison for harming Honduran wildlife.


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