I have a tongue diameter of 13 cm. I can go up, down, bend it… ‘Your husband is a lucky man’

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Jenny DuVander from Oregon is the woman with the largest tongue diameter in the world! This was confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, after they measured the diameter of her tongue at 13.2 centimeters, reports People.com. She says her son Evan loves reading the Guinness Book of Records.

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It is to her son Evan that she can thank that she ended up in the most famous book of records in the world. She says she was flipping through the records with him and they came to a part where they read that Braydon McCullough from West Virginia is the man with the largest tongue diameter in the world (16 cm).

– Your husband must be a happy man – wrote someone in the comment along with the video where they measure her tongue. But Jenny did not talk much about her husband in the interview, it was more about her son Evan, who is fascinated by records. So they decided together that they would register her so that her name would be in the Guinness book. She called the dentist and he measured her diameter. The results were fantastic – 13.2 centimeters which is wider than a soda can!

– It looks a bit strange, I must admit. My son is responsible for me entering the book because he knows all the records from that book. I can do whatever I want with my tongue, up, down, I can bend it, touch my nose… It comes in handy when playing the flute – said Jenny, who is a video producer.


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