It happened on TV: Javier Milei talked about privatizations, the new role of Fátima Flórez and the anger of Zulemita Menem

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The new president-elect advanced some of the privatization policies that he will carry out once he takes office on December 10, while his current partner explained the role she will occupy as first lady and Zulemita Menem He targeted his niece Antonella, whom he accused of “wanting the bills.”

With the result of the presidential elections on the table and the victory of the libertarian Javier Milei, some definitions have already begun to be known about their government plans as of December 10. In an extensive interview granted to the journalist Eduardo Feinmann in Miter radioassured that he will privatize the Public Television, National Radio and the national news agency Telam.

“Everything that can be in the hands of the private sector is going to be in the hands of the private sector,” he explained in dialogue with the journalist.

In the same way, the person who accompanied him throughout the entire campaign process, the former candidate of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrichwho was invited to TN and spoke on various topics.

“Télam is a reservoir of people who no longer have a job. It doesn’t have it, there are no more agencies,” he explained.

Javier Milei, Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich, in the first meeting together after the victory in the runoff
Javier Milei, Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich, in the first meeting together after the victory in the runoff

For her part, the future first lady, Fatima Florezwho has been dating the libertarian for about four and a half months, was present at the event celebrating Freedom Advances and yesterday he publicly explained how he is preparing for December 10.

“My role is that I am Javier’s girlfriend, obviously I am going to accompany him in everything. I love charity and charitable work, in fact I did it all my life. So with all pleasure I will also occupy that role,” she told TN.

Furthermore, she explained that her profession as a comedian will not be left aside: “I am going to make a combination with my career, with my shows, with my theater and of course accompanying my boyfriend,” the creator of “Fátima is a chameleon”.

The new first lady REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian
The new first lady REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian

With the new president-elect, celebrations appeared, but also statements from those who are not happy with the results.

This is how a young man interviewed by a mobile driver showed himself. C5N who consulted him about those Milei measures with which he agrees and with which he does not. To which the young man responded: “None. I don’t like him,” he confessed and to add humor he said, “thank goodness I’m from River Plate and goes well”.

Politics and debate reached the world of entertainment and unleashed a strong crossover on the air of To La Barbarossa (Telefe).

A large part of the broadcast of the program was dedicated to analyzing Milei’s triumph, for which journalists were invited. Javier Lanari and Cynthia Garcia, who put their ideals on the table and began to debate the results. However, the situation began to deteriorate when some panelists offered their opinion.

“Don’t be a hypocrite,” Lanari responded to García when she was talking about the retirement. The discussion became increasingly harsh until the cycle driver had to intervene.

“I can’t allow you to treat her like that. If you are going to speak well, yes, if not, I swear I will close the microphone,” she said and allowed the debate to continue.

However, he had to get back in when one of the panelists attacked the guest: “Don’t say stupid things.” Immediately, Georgina took action on the matter and stated: “I challenged him before. Don’t be aggressive,” she said.

Strong crossover in Georgina Barbarossa's program
Strong crossover in Georgina Barbarossa’s program

Sunday’s election transcended to levels that reached a sports broadcast of ESPN where the passionate debate took place between the driver Mariano Closs and Luciana Rubinskawho exchanged ideas on the subject.

Covering different topics, the rapporteur pointed out that “journalism, for me, from my place, small, tiny, as an observer and sports journalist, it seems to me that a lot of situations have to be rethought.” Then he added that “it must be difficult to belong to media that has to guide you.”

Faced with this statement, the journalist argued that “I believe that the same thing happens in sports journalism as well. But, well, it’s also like much broader…” In reference to that, Closs clarified that “the day someone tells me or writes to me ‘you have to say this’, I say ‘thank you very much’. The day they cut my line, I’m leaving. I have my convictions. My personality”. And Luciana noted that “personally, no one tells me what I have to say. I tell you at least from a personal point of view.”

Debate between Mariano Closs and Luciana Rubinska
Debate between Mariano Closs and Luciana Rubinska

However, not everything in the media was political, since yesterday Carmen Barbieri He found out that his son, Fede Bal, He is in a relationship with a dancer, and apparently he didn’t like her very well.

“I didn’t like that he said he was dating, out of respect for his image. And out of respect for Sofía, don’t even talk! “She stated on the air of her program, Mañanísima (El Trece).

The situation began when Estefania Berardi It leaked that, behind the camera, Barbieri had become angry when he heard the news. It is that nine months from ““washing machinegate” – nickname that the case received on networks after the young ex-couple detected the infidelity through the activation of a washing machine in the early hours of the morning – which ended with the separation of Sofia Aldreyand the numerous infidelities that came to light, her mother had stated that she could not be dating.

Fede Bal confirmed who his new girlfriend is
Fede Bal confirmed who his new girlfriend is

To conclude a topic that has the family Menem in suspense after the complaint he made Zulemita Menem against his niece Antonellafor slander and insults in the quest to “set a limit” and prevent him from speaking about her publicly.

Once again, the daughter of Carlos Menemthe late former president of the Nation, made headlines again after targeting the young woman and her brotherCarlitos Nair: “It seems fair to me that they inherit but that they inherit what they have to inherit,” he said in dialogue with Intruders (America).

He continued: “I understand her illusion, that she wants the bills to fall from above. “Let’s work,” she said and to conclude she added: “I’m the bad guy in the movie, let that be clear.” I do not want them”.


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