Jason Momoa look-alike: ‘Women attack me on the street while I’m out with my wife…’

Jason Momoa look-alike: 'Women attack me on the street while I'm out with my wife...' World news

British musician Ian Wills incredibly similar to the famous actor Jason Momoa, and claims that because of this, women often attack him when he is out. ‘90% of the people who stop me on the street are women,’ he told Kennedy News. Č he is often ‘attacked’ even when he is out with his wife Claire Edwards-Wills.

– What my wife doesn’t like is when men approach me and want to touch my hair – he said.

As he says, the first to notice the resemblance between him and Jason was his aunt. At that moment, they were watching the movie ‘Stargate Atlantis’, in which Momoa has a role.

Photo: jasonmomoalookalike.com

– My aunt then said that I looked like a man from TV-A, but she could not remember his name. She said she was in ‘Stargate Atlantis’. I saw him on TV one day and thought: ‘Wow, mom and dad are not telling me something’ – he added.

In 2019, Ian and his wife were at Comic Con in London, so that he could take a photo with the actor. Meanwhile, he was attacked by a group of people who started photographing and filming him, thinking he was Jason.

– My wife paid for me to take a photo with Jason. When I entered, people pounced on me. It was crazy – he said. On the same day, he also gave autographs where he signed himself as ‘Jason Momoa’s double’.

He eventually met Momoa, who was equally shocked by what he saw.

– When I met him in passing, he just looked at me, tilted his head and said: ‘Wow’. When I saw him 20 minutes later to sign my autograph, he said, ‘Hey, you could be my stunt double in the movies’ – says Ian.

Since then, the musician has also started working as a professional stunt double, and before the corona virus pandemic, he signed with a stunt agency. They started hiring him for various sports events and birthday parties, where he often disguises himself as Aquaman, and he even tattooed the same tattoos as Momoa, in order to be as convincing as possible.

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Although he loves what he does, he feels that work follows him even when he is not working. “I am often mistaken for Jason on the street, in the most bizarre places,” he says.

His wife is used to the comments she gets when they’re out, but thinks it’s ‘ridiculous’ that people think Momoa would shop at the stores they go to. She also added that she loves her husband for him, not because he looks like a famous actor.

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