Mhoni Vidente: Signs that will have abundance and stability in the year of the Wood Dragon

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According to the predictions of the renowned astrologer Mhoni Vidente, the Chinese New Year 2024the protagonist being wooden dragon, It will be marked by prosperity and stability for five zodiac signs in particular.

The influence of the Wood Dragon also It will favor these signs, giving them the opportunity to firmly consolidate their goals and projects, as well as strengthen their interpersonal relationships.


Aries will work closely with the energy of the Wood Dragon to prosper financially, renew yourself personally, manage your emotions, regain your health, and explore new opportunities both residentially and romantically.


The positive influence of the Sun indicates that Virgo will be one of the privileged signs during this period. Virgo will be driven by an innate enthusiasm to excel and achieve his goals in life, including economic growth and the initiative to start his own business.

Additionally, you will stand out for your ability to persuade those around you of your leadership, especially in the field of sales.


The conjunction between the sign of Capricorn and the influence of the Wood Dragon suggests that Capricorn will experience a double opportunity for fortune and prosperity. This stage will give you the opportunity to significantly increase your abundance, as well as discern more clearly which areas to invest in and which to avoid.

Additionally, you will free yourself from toxic relationships that surrounded you, finding relief on both an emotional and physical level, and you will consolidate your ability to firmly take control of your destiny.


Gemini, represented by the twins, will embark on an exciting journey of growth and self-affirmation. During this period, they will stand out for their uniqueness and originality in all their companies, consolidating their dominance in areas such as fashion, styling, public relations and politics.

Furthermore, their adventurous spirit will lead them to explore new horizons and establish meaningful connections both personally and politically.


The presence of the Emperor card, symbolizing power in all its facets, and the Wands card in the hands of Leo, indicate a promising astral alignment. Leo, in conjunction with the energy of the Wood Dragon, will witness a period marked by abundance, wealth, stability and unlimited growth.

This auspicious combination suggests that Leo will encounter no obstacles on his path to success and will have vast potential at his disposal to achieve his most ambitious goals and aspirations.

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