MRB poll: 15.4 point difference of the SW

MARC poll: ND at 35% - PASOK leaks to Loverdo World news

MRB poll: 15.4 points difference between ND and SYRIZA

A lead of 15.4 percentage points in New Democracy over SYRIZA, gives the new poll of MRB on behalf of Open, about three weeks before the European elections.

In the MRB nationwide survey presented by Dimitris Mavros in the main Open news bulletin, the ND in reducing the intention to vote is a breath away from the threshold of 33% of the previous European elections, set by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as it receives a percentage of 32.3% . SYRIZA moves to 16% while PASOK to 14%. The Hellenic Solution is almost in double digits (9.9%), while the New Left (3.8%) and Voice of Reason show an impressive increase with 2.8%. The Democrats of A. Loverdos are also close behind with 2.4%

MRB: Voting intention

In the voting intention for the 2024 European elections, the percentages are as follows: New Democracy: 26.5%, SYRIZA: 13.1%, PASOK: 11.5%, KKE: 6.6%, Hellenic Solution: 8.1%, Victory: 2.4%, Freedom Sailing: 2.8%, New Left: 3.1%, Voice of Reason 2.3%, Democrats: 2%MERA25: 1.8%, Undecided vote: 18%

MRB poll: ND opens the gap with 15.4 points

MRB: Intention to vote by rollback

In the intention to vote by recall, the ND gathers a percentage of 32.3%, SYRIZA 16%. PASOK at 14%. They are followed by the KKE with 8%, the Hellenic Solution with 9.9%, Niki with 2.9%, Pleussi with 3.4%, New Left with 3.8%. The rise of the Latinopoulos party with 2.8% and the Democrats with 2.4% is disappointing.

MRB: More suitable for prime minister

Kyriakos Mitsotakis appears most suitable for prime minister with 27.8%, followed by Stefanos Kasselakis with 8.8%, Nikos Androulakis with 7%, Kyriakos Velopoulos with 6.7%, Zoe Konstantopoulou with 3.3% and Dimitris Koutsoubas with 3.2%.

MRB poll: ND opens the gap with 15.4 points

MRB poll: ND opens the gap with 15.4 points


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