Russian nuclear weapons on the border with Poland?

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The Kremlin places nuclear weapons in Belarus to strengthen control over the Belarusian army. This is according to the new summary of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

At the end of March Vladimir Putin announced that the construction of a special warehouse for tactical nuclear weapons has already begun in Belarus. The facility is expected to be ready by July 1.

Yesterday it became known that Russia and Belarus signed agreements on the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. However, analysts doubt whether the weapons themselves will actually end up in Belarus. They claim that Russia already has the ability to launch a nuclear attack on any point on the planet, even without placing weapons in Belarus. Moreover, in practice, a scenario involving the use of nuclear weapons in HEIs is considered extremely unlikely.

At the same time, analysts drew attention to the words of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who stressed that Russia would retain control over tactical nuclear weapons if they were deployed in Belarus. Shoigu also promised to send additional Russian troops to Belarus to expand the military infrastructure, expand joint combat training and intelligence activities near the borders of the “Union State”.

“The deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus requires both significant military infrastructure and Russian command and control over units of the Belarusian armed forces. The Kremlin probably intends to use these requirements to further subordinate the Belarusian security sphere to Russia. – believes ISW.

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, said that Russian nuclear weapons had already begun to arrive in Belarus as part of bilateral agreements.

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Oleksandr Lukashenko, told reporters that the Russian nuclear weapons stationed in Belarus are “completely safe – no saboteur will break through, especially from Poland“. This emphasis on a possible Polish intervention suggests that Belarus will want to provoke Poland. However, it’s unlikely to be anything serious. Nothing but attempts to humiliate us with the migration crisis and slander the clear image of Poland in their disgusting propaganda theses according to the Kremlin script.

The head of the Belarusian opposition initiative ByPol ​​Oleksandr Azarov believes that Lukashenko is an unpredictable person and can use nuclear weapons even against Russia

“Lukashenko can use this in negotiations with the same Russia. And that is why the Russians have repeatedly said that if nuclear weapons are delivered, then only under Russian control. The Ukrainian counter-offensive, God willing, will be successful. And when Lukashenko sees that the Kremlin no longer serves him, then he will be able to take possession of these weapons. This is a big risk for Russia. I think the Russians understand and calculate it.” Azarov emphasized.

However, this is only a hypothesis. We know how loyal the Belarusian dictator is to Putin. He betrayed his nation, his country and the history of the state, mixing Belarus with Russian mud.

The basic question is – how will NATO, the EU and, above all, Poland react to this? It is clear that Russia does not want to stop. It drags everything around into the abyss as it struggles in the agony of its fatal defeat on a global scale. But we cannot tolerate it. We should not tolerate the Russian army next to peaceful Polish citizens, we should not tolerate Russian missiles flying on Polish territory. And we shouldn’t tolerate nuclear weapons around. Russia must stop spreading its deadly influence. Russia is a disease.

Today in Ukraine there was another catastrophe. The Russians recklessly hit a hospital in the city of Dnepr with rockets. This was announced by President Volodymyr Zelensky in a Telegram. “Russian terrorists once again reaffirm their status as fighters in compliance with all humanitarian and fair principles. Rocket attack on a polyclinic in the city of Dnepr. So far, one person has died and 15 have been injured.” – he said.

According to Zelensky, the liquidation of the effects of the shelling and the rescue of the victims are underway on the spot, all necessary services are involved.

As a result of a rocket attack on a medical facility in Dnipro, 25 people were injured. Hospitalized – 19, including two children. Four of the injured are being treated on an outpatient basis. Two are dead and three are missing, said Orlov, first deputy head of OVA.

Blood. Destruction. Fear. Death. This is what Russia brings. We must ask ourselves, have we done enough to stop this abomination? Have we done enough if this is still happening, if Russia and Belarus are spitting in our face and placing their nuclear weapons next to each other? Don’t we want one of the Russian missiles to “get lost” in Polish airspace again tomorrow, and the Polish hospital to experience what the Ukrainian one suffered today? Ukraine needs more support. More equipment, tougher sanctions, responsiveness… Let Russia stop there. And now. And with it, Belarus has to pay for its contribution.

Karina Koshel

The videos come from Ukrainian sources.

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