SEP: which state will NOT have classes today, February 13?

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Although the calendar for the 2023-2024 school year of the SEP (Secretary of Public Education) marks this Tuesday as an ordinary day, schools of YucatanCampeche and some municipalities of Sinaloa They will remain closed due to the celebration of carnivals.

A few days ago the SEP took into consideration this pre-Lent tradition and gave permission to local authorities to adjust their activities between Friday, February 9 and Tuesday, February 13, depending on the day of their carnival.

Thus, in Mazatlán, Concordia and San Ignacio, in Sinaloa, Schools at all educational levels suspended classes yesterday and will do so today as well.

Likewise, all basic and upper secondary education schools in Yucatan, both public and private, will remain closed “out of respect for uses and customs.”

This bridge is also carried out in the schools of Logwood.

The students will return to classes tomorrow, February 14, in which Campuses are free to hold Valentine’s Day celebrations.

On February 23, like every last Friday of the month, students will have the day off due to the meeting of the School Technical Council in which their teachers participate.


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