Shooting of a Russian pilot in Voronezh

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RosSMI claims that the whole story of the shooting is a fiction.

The story of the shooting of a Russian pilot in Voronezh ended quite unexpectedly / Facebook

Information about the execution of a Russian military pilot under the pseudonym “Bes” in Voronezh is obviously a fiction. Russian media wrote about this, and later it was confirmed by the Fighterbomber tg channel, which disseminated this information.

The day before, blogger Fighterbomber spoke about a military pilot named Bestuzhev-Ryumin with the call sign “Bes,” who was allegedly wounded in a shootout and then died, leaving three children orphaned. The author was outraged by the inaction and silence of law enforcement officers, and the public joined in disseminating the story. However, attempts to find out led to an unexpected conclusion – it looks like the whole story could be a fake.

As the Russian TG channel Readovka writes, none of the official sources and major military TG channels could confirm the above story.

The operational services and security forces do not have any information about the incident; there have been no statements or calls about a shootout or casualties;

Also, regional public pages, which are often sources of dissemination of local incidents, do not have any information, and the shootout was not even mentioned; There is no teacher with that name at the Voronezh Air Force Educational Training Center, as well as among Russian pilots.

There are also no witnesses to the possible incident and there is no information about the hospital where the pilot was allegedly taken and where he allegedly also died.

Later, blogger Fighterbomber commented on this situation.

First, the tg channel reported that “Bes” allegedly died in the hospital from bullet wounds. However, as a Russian blogger writes, when government officials became involved in the investigation, it turned out that the whole story from beginning to end was fiction.

“I rushed to the attack when they told me that “Bes” had died. … Today in the morning people who were working without any conditions came to me and asked me to help find the children of Bes, or his relatives, and help them with everything they needed.

Having taken representatives of the regional administration and representatives of law enforcement agencies, we met with a relative…

The woman came up with everything. From start to finish. The whole story with all the details. There is no “Demon”. And I misled my friend for a day. He told me, and I mean you… The whole story is fiction,” he wrote

At the same time, the blogger noted that there was “no Ukrainian trace” in what happened.

The story of the shooting of a Russian pilot in Voronezh

Earlier it was reported that in Voronezh, a military pilot of the occupying army, Evgeny Bestuzhev-Ryumin, with the call sign “Demon,” was shot.

According to the Fighterbomber Telegram channel, which is run by a fighter-bomber pilot, there is little information about the shooting of “Demon.” He flew the Mi-24 and fought against Ukraine. Moreover, Fighterbomber said that “The Demon” allegedly “shielded his children.” He also said that seven bullets were taken from the pilot. However, the blogger did not provide any evidence for his words. There are no photos or videos from the scene.

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