Sweden to host first European Sex Championship

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The Swedish Sex Federation (SSF) plans to host the first European Sex Championship early next month. Competitions will be held in 16 disciplines, including foreplay, endurance, creativity in choosing positions, the number of orgasms, etc. We know, it sounds like a joke, but the Swedish Sex Federation is a real structure that has existed since 2016 and even has its own official website .

“Matches” will last for 45 minutes, and the winner will be determined by a professional jury together with the audience. Athletes from 20 countries have already sent their applications for participation.

SSF is so far the only organization in the world that has registered sex as a sport. Her manifesto states that the most important motive is “strong opposition to the domination of men over women”:

“Sex is one of the few sports (if not the only one) in which women dominate at almost every level. This is a heavy blow to men who have stigmatized women for thousands of years. Girls are superior to guys in almost all sex disciplines, which creates a public outcry among an audience that still wants male dominance over women.says the text of the statement.

The news about the unusual competition has already been published by several large and authoritative world media. However, it is likely that all this is a brilliant PR move by the head of the sex federation, Dragon Bratich, who is also the owner of one of the largest strip bar chains in Sweden. Also, according to local media, five years ago, Bratich was prosecuted for fraud.

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