The impressive route through water pools that leads to the source of a river in Murcia

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Chícamo River, in Murcia (Shutterstock).
Chícamo River, in Murcia (Shutterstock).

Murcia It is one of the regions with the highest average annual temperature in Spain. In fact, it has a town with temperatures around 17°C, which means it has numerous hours of sunshine. This is the reason why this area is characterized by arid orography framed within extensive canyons and desert gullies. In this way, the peaceful waters of the Chicamo River They emerge like an oasis, nourishing the landscape.

The town of Abanilla is in charge of saving this environment. It is a small town located about 40 kilometers from Murcia that mixes the aridity of the landscape with “crops and small groves of palm trees, which is why it is known by the nickname of the ‘Murcian Palestine‘”, indicates Pepo Paz Saz in the book 101 surprising trails in Spain of Anaya Touring. “In some of its twenty-four districts we will find part of the treasures best preserved of the natural wealth of the region’s highlands,” he says.

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One of the most beautiful and well-known corners is the birth of the Chícamo River, which offers a beautiful route that allows you to discover all the secrets that surround it. It is a relatively simple trail that has a distance of approximately seven kilometers round trip. Added to this is a cumulative difference in elevation of 210 meters. The characteristics of the environment allow you to do the route practically at any time of the year, although preferably in spring or summer.

Chícamo River, in Murcia (
Chícamo River, in Murcia (

The route starts from the Chícamo Interpretation Center, in Macisvenda, and goes through numerous pools offered by the riverbed. All this through the impressive landscape that houses the Cajer canyon, a place where the Chícamo has created some whimsical shapes in the rock that leave your mouth open. The culmination is the source of the river itself, where the visual and sound spectacle is guaranteed.

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As for the access The path is quite simple, since the destination has a parking located near the Chícamo flour mill. To get there from Abanilla you have to drive about twenty minutes to El Cantón. It should also be noted that it is necessary to carry a appropriate footwear and clothing, as it may be necessary to walk through the water in certain areas. Given this, a good material can prevent slipping and some unwanted surprises.

From the city of Murcia, the trip is around 40 minutes on the A-7 and RM-414 roads. For its part, since Alicante The journey lasts 55 minutes on roads A-70 and CV-845.


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