The National Authority for Control of the Judiciary of Lambayeque and the Prosecutor’s Office captured a judicial secretary for allegedly asking a bribe from a litigant

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In an outstanding action directed by the Decentralized Office of the National Authority for the Control of the Judiciary (ODANC-Lambayeque), in collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Corruption Crimes of Officials of that Fiscal Districta Hearing Specialist assigned to the Pool of the Single-Person Criminal Courts of Chiclayo of the Superior Court of Justice of Lambayeque was intervened and detained, who would be linked to alleged acts of corruption.

The preliminary detention and other measures limiting rights against the specialist are based on revealing evidence of the alleged crime of aggravated influence peddling, where the detainee would have demanded the sum of 7,000 soles from a complainant in exchange for obtaining an advantage in the processing of her case. Judicial process.

The ODANC Lambayequeprior to this action, carried out proceedings in a confidential manner, obtaining elements of conviction that have been delivered to the Coordinator of the Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes of Corruption of Officialsthe same ones that will be evaluated to determine the pertinent legal actions against the person involved, now detained.

It should be noted that, by virtue of the Regulation of Disciplinary Administrative Procedure and Prevention Measures, the leadership of the National Authority for Control of the Judiciary (ANC-PJ), in charge of Roberto Palacios Brandevelops coordinated actions with the heads of the decentralized offices in order to reestablish good practices in the country’s judicial jurisdictions.

In that sense, the head of the ODANC Lambayeque, Elizabeth Salescalls on the citizens of its judicial district to report alleged acts of corruption and functional misconduct involving judges and jurisdictional personnel, and emphasizes that the office in charge guarantees the confidentiality of the case, in accordance with article 24° of the Regulation of the Disciplinary Administrative Procedure and the prevention measures of the National Authority for Control of the Judiciary.


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