‘They are transporting bio-waste secretly, there is a million proofs’

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Our reporter Petra Mlačić Vučemilović-Jurić she spoke live to RTL Danas from Jakuševac, where the residents of the settlement had gathered to agree on further action.

Although it is easier to breathe in the city, the strong stench is still felt in that settlement. Mario Bedeković lives in Jakuševac and commented on the stench: “This stench is a disaster. Who wouldn’t be affected by it? This is extremely frivolous. Until now, we had such a threshold of tolerance as no one else. Tonight, the people of Jakuševac have gathered and we will decide how to proceed .”

About the announcements that they will go out on the street, resident Ivan Vrban says: “We will not take to the streets in the sense of civil disobedience. Our position is that the delivery to the landfill should be stopped immediately, not even a kilo more! Blockade (disposal of op.a) until Christmas, and after that we will talk. It seems that an incident must happen to the city Naples. I call on the mayor to start solving the problem as a matter of urgency because he won the election on the Jakuševac problem.”

When asked what if that doesn’t happen, whether you will physically stand, the residents of Jakuševac say that they will arrange it tonight. Josip Prša sent an invitation to the mayor: “I am inviting him tonight and the lady who holds high positions in parliamentary committees (Sandra Benčić op.a) to come and explain to the people what is happening. What are the guarantees that this will not happen again? What if it is a little greater consequence just for Christmas, for the holidays? If he has any courage, he should go among the people and explain what is happening.”

When asked if an explosion was heard this morning, Ivan Vrban answered: “That moment was as if there was an earthquake. Very soon news about Jakuševac started coming through the portals. I sat in the car when I left my children at kindergarten and school , I made a circle around Jakuševac. I immediately came to where it happened. This is worse than any bomb, it violated every measure.”

When asked who is to blame for everything, he said everyone in turn for the last 50 years. “Today, this is the fault of the current government because they secretly transport biological waste when they fill the compost bin.” When asked if they have proof of this, he says, “There’s a million proofs. Compost turns into gas, and methane exploded today. It’s as clear as day. The old part of the dump that was rehabilitated as much as it is in place today.”


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