They steal cars and hack mobile phones with a device the size of a USB

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Hackers used to be only top experts in computers, software and electronics. Today, hacking computers, smartphones and various devices is much easier and simpler, and there are even entire operating systems (based on Linux) as well as special applications dedicated to various hacking techniques.

Last year, the first “simple” device for “instant hacking” called “Flipper Zero” appeared on the world market. It is a larger device USB that has various network and communication capabilities for hacking WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices and even devices that use infrared controllers.

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Criminals used ‘Flipper’ to steal cars

YouTube, Facebook, and especially TikTok were quickly flooded with videos of the “Flipper Zero” being used to open vehicles, shut down devices in shopping malls, or unlock smartphones in seconds.

Because of this, “Delfin” (Flipper is the name of the dolphin from the film of the same name, which is also the logo of this device) very quickly found itself the target of numerous regulatory agencies, as well as the security services of many countries.

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Back in March of last year, Brazil began confiscating all “Flippers” in the country, since various criminal groups used them en masse to steal cars. Now Canada has decided to take a similar step, also due to numerous cases of car theft, even from car dealerships.

“Flipper” has a built-in function that can “record” (signal recorder) the signals sent by the original car key, and later “reproduce” them and thus unlock the car. It is also interesting that “Flipper Zero” is (for now) legal in the US and the EU, as it is marketed as a “wireless network testing tool”.

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A matter of time when it will be banned in the USA and the EU

However, it’s only a matter of time before that changes too, as Brussels prepares to expand the GDPR set of laws and regulations related to cybersecurity.

Free software and instructions for building a “cheap Flipper” using readily available chips (such as the ESP8266 WiFi solution) have already appeared online. Also, there are larger and more advanced devices than the “Delfin”, such as the “HackRF One”, which have the ability to use large antennas and have a much longer range.

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“HackRF On” can record GPS satellite signals as well as GSM mobile phone signals. Such devices are advertised as “equipment for radio amateurs”, although it is only a matter of time before they too will be banned.

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