This fruit smoothie will help you reduce triglyceride levels

This fruit smoothie will help you reduce triglyceride levels World news

Every food we put into our body has repercussions on our health. Some go unnoticed, while others can contribute to fat storage or be detrimental to our well-being. However, Fruits and vegetables stand out for their contribution of vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients beneficial to the body.

It is crucial to consider the health of our triglyceride levels, which, according to the Mayo Clinic Institute, are fats present in the blood and stored in fat cells. Keep them at appropriate levels prevents arteriosclerosis and thickening of arterial walls, reducing the risk of stroke, heart attack and heart disease.

To maintain healthy triglyceride levels, as determined by your doctor through blood tests, it is crucial to adopt a nutrient-dense, low-fat diet. Regular physical activity is also recommended by medical professionals to achieve this goal and promote overall health.

Therefore, it is important that we can have a daily exercise routine and a balanced diet in which fruits and vegetables proliferate. It is at this point that There is a fruit smoothie that is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach to reduce triglyceride levels.

The smoothie we are referring to contains a fruit and foods such as oats and almonds. Its preparation is very simple and its benefits are very high and immediate. This is the way to prepare it to enjoy its benefits against high levels of triglycerides.

The first thing you should do is add three tablespoons of oat flakes, a tablespoon of Greek yogurt, a cup of low-fat or vegetable milk, a tablespoon of walnuts or almonds, and a handful of blackberries to a blender. After mixing everything and obtaining the preferred consistency, it is recommended to drink the smoothie every day on an empty stomach.



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