This year too, 15 people will show that Croatia can be better

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Months have passed Since then, we have started a campaign in which we invited you, dear readers, to remember special people whose good and noble deeds were etched in your memory and asked you to nominate them for the Pride of Croatia award. Applications could be submitted throughout the year, but at the end of the year we reminded you of this. Thank you all for your response! Your applications have certainly arrived at our address, and the hardworking jury, which this year included Suzana Rešetar from the association Sjena, sociologist Dragan Bagić, HGSS member Jadran Kapović, HRT journalist Ognjen Golubić and Ivan Buča – editor-in-chief of 24sata, is meticulous studied all the stories. In the end, they managed to single out 15 of the many great candidates, who thus became our winners of this year’s award, which the newspaper 24sata together with its partner HRT has been awarding for 19 years. Life’s work was not easy at all.

Zagreb: Ceremonial awarding of the 24 hours Pride of Croatia award

Photo: Matija Habljak/PIXSELL – ILLUSTRATION

– The willingness of some people to invest a large amount of their time and energy helping people in need, which most of us don’t see or ignore, is truly incredible. That was also the key to choosing the winners – said sociologist Bagić. He added that inspiring people, people who make a difference, can help change the social atmosphere, if they are recognized and publicly highlighted as examples and role models.

Zagreb: Ceremonial awarding of the 24 hours Pride of Croatia award


And we hope that everyone interested will be able to absorb that special atmosphere and be inspired by good deeds on March 28 in the Small Hall in Lisinski, following the awarding live or on small screens. The intimate space of the Small Hall is the perfect place for our winners this year to share with the world their sometimes difficult and painful, but always full of hope and faith, stories that marked their year, and for many, their lives. Until the award itself, you can read their stories in our newspaper and watch it in the show Dobro jutro, Hrvatska. Already on March 7, the first winner will be presented to the public, and the stories will continue day by day until March 27.

The proud sponsors of the project are Pevex, ERSTE, INA, OTP, Fina, Končar and Studenac.


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