Three seminarians will be ordained deacons in San Pedro Sula

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Today the Catholic Church she’s partying. At 10:00 am, Archbishop Michael Lenihan will lay hands on and pray the consecration prayer to seminarians Osman Abel Martínez, Lázaro Meza and Edwin Saúl Ávila, who become deacons.

In the ministry of men dedicated to the service of God there are three degrees of the sacrament of priestly orders: bishops, priests and deacons.

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The deacons help the bishops and priests and their work is of such importance that it is conferred by the sacramental act of ordination. They are then ordered as priests.

The three seminarians who will be ordained deacons today are Hondurans from the interior of the country and come from large families.

The invitation is for the parishioner to accompany the seminarians and their families in a solemn mass scheduled for today at 10:00 am at the Metropolitan Cathedral.


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