"Trojan Torch" sets fire to the house

The difference was that Claudia Sheinbaum operated. Since several days before Mayor Adrián Rubalcava broke with the PRI and the opposition alliance, he had been in personal contact with the Morenista presidential candidate. My sources say that they chatted directly on WhatsApp and that he offered him whatever he wanted, even a space in the cabinet, as long as he fractured the opposition alliance during the process of defining the candidacy for the Head of Government of the Mexico City.

And Rubalcava broke. Neither he wanted to continue in the alliance nor did the alliance want to continue with him. Affection and trust had been lost. The national PRI leader, “Alito” Moreno, tried to close the registration door for him so that he would not compete for the candidacy because he had already agreed with the PAN that it would be for Santiago Taboada, then he opened it again and finally closed it. definitely. They ended up insulting each other over the cell phone. Another departure for an Alito Moreno who continues to minimize everyone who leaves.

He says that they are not taking a vote away from the PRI, that he has the structure, the party and the electoral base. But there are already many: Quirino, Pavlovich, Aysa, Osorio Chong, Ruiz Massieu, Eruviel, Fayad and this weekend, Murat and Rubalcava.

Claudia Sheinbaum operated to steal Rubalcava and Xóchitl Gálvez did not even put his hands into solving the problem. The opposition presidential candidate even publicly said that this was not her issue. Many in the alliance do not even consider it theft because in spirit and in political action, Adrián Rubalcava has been playing on Morena’s side for a long time. But it adds nothing to the fact that at the official start of the pre-campaigns, its breakup marks the agenda and generates a feeling of emptiness on the PAN-PRI-PRD side.

Rubalcava, mayor of Cuajimalpa in Mexico City who arrived promoted by the PRI, had been building his exit narrative for several days, even navigating the terrain of ignominy: he minimized the espionage scandal of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office—even when he was one of the victims—and openly supports the reelection of prosecutor Ernestina Godoy, who has proven to have turned the agency into a painful appendage of Sheinbaum’s political interests.

He was closer to Morena than to the opposition alliance. In the coalition he never managed to rise in the polls for the Head of Government of the country’s capital. Names came and went, entered and left the fray, and Rubalcava remained stagnant. Lately, he starred in a kind of political soap opera on social networks – a guilty pleasure – with the mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas, who called him “Human Torch”, to praise him over Omar García Harfuch, who was nicknamed “Batman.” . It was his only propaganda success.

Now he is at the service of Morena, Claudia Sheinbaum and López Obrador. Trojan Torch. We will see what reward he gets for bowing to the regime and evidencing the lack of political operation in the opposition. The campaign for the alliance starts badly. The ruling party managed to successfully overcome its candidacy definition process. In the end, Monreal and Marcelo did not leave. Harfuch, Lomelí, Mier and even Checo’s father stayed. The opposition cannot boast of the same.

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