“Why I wouldn’t leave my husband even if he cheats on me” Yemi Kuti (Video)

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Nigerian dancer, singer, and media personality, Yeni Kuti has disclosed why she would leave her marriage because of infidelity.

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, the daughter of late Fela Kuti stated that she can never leave her husband because of adultery.

Giving reasons, she cited how her late father had 27 wives and her mother didn’t leave her marriage.

She, however, made it known that she isn’t pushing her belief on anyone.

“I won’t leave my husband if he’s cheating. That’s me. You can leave your own husband if he’s cheating; that’s you. Don’t judge me; I’m not judging you.

My father had 27 wives; my mother didn’t go. It’s me who will now come and go because of one girl. It cannot happen”.

This isn’t the first time, Yeni Kuti has made such a declaration.

Why cheating is not a deal breaker for me in marriage” Yeni Kuti reveals

Recall that while speaking on TVC ‘Your View’, Yeni Kuti said that she can never leave her marriage because of cheating.

She made this known as she sided with veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor on infidelity not being a deal breaker in marriage.

However, the only deal breaker for her is when her man cheats with a fellow man. But for cheating with a female, she can let that slide.

Yeni Kuti also referred to how her late father married several women, and yet her mother didn’t leave.

”For me, cheating is not a deal breaker. My father had 27 wives, my mother didn’t go. I am not saying she was happy, but she didn’t leave. My own deal breaker is if I find out my own partner is sleeping with another man. That is my deal breaker. I will run, they wouldn’t even beg me. I will run”.

Why I can’t leave my marriage over infidelity” Patience Ozokwor spills

This came after Patience Ozokwo revealed in an interview with Mercy Johnson on her cooking show, Mercy’s Menu why she can’t leave her marriage over infidelity.

The veteran, who lost her husband years back and had refused to remarry, stated that she can’t leave her husband’s house for anyone, because the side chick is the visitor and as such, must leave for her.

Mama G, as she is fondly called, added that she would hold her family tightly, polish it and sweep out the dirt in other to get back home.

Even when the infidelity is constant, she insisted that she wouldn’t leave her house for anyone.

“Me I am not going to leave my house for anybody ooo. You are the visitor that came in find, you will find your way out.

I will so hold my her family, polish it, and sweep out all the dirt and have a peaceful home again”.


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