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Chelsea Love is Blind Dating Trevor?

Chelsea Love is Blind Season 6

Are Chelsea and Trevor from the latest season of Love is Blind Season 6 dating? That’s the question everyone online has been wondering following a recent photo posted by Chelsea on Instagram (@chelseadblackwell) of the two chatting virtually.

In the viral post, Chelsea captioned the image: “Speaking of mullets Pulse check with @itstrevorsova”

The pair can be seen smiling at the camera.

It is unclear if the pair are just friends or dating following Season 6 airing. Chelsea seems to be single following the show and it appears as though Trevor may be single now as well. There is no concrete evidence to support claims that the duo are a couple as nothing has been confirmed- this is all speculation based on Chelsea’s latest IG story. All in all, it seems as though the duo stayed close following the season airing.

Trevor Love is Blind girlfriend

Chelsea and Trevor had a connection in the pods during the latest season of Love is Blind before Chelsea ended up choosing Jimmy over Trevor. Chelsea and Jimmy did not make it down the aisle on the Netflix show and ended their engagement.

Trevor was a crowd favorite until it was revealed that he had an alleged secret girlfriend and a serious relationship while filming the show. Exposed text messages between the two demonstrated that he seemingly did not want to fully take part in the experiment, as HOLR previously covered here.

Trevor Love is Blind Instagram

Trevor has seemingly disabled or deleted his Instagram as his handle is not available to search.

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Image Credit: @chelseadblackwell and @loveisblindnetflix Instagram


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